Low & slow

They say that good things take time and patience is a virtue.  The art of smoking meats is a hobby, way of life, and adventure among barbecue lovers galore. Residing in the beef state, Nebraskans are no strangers to agriculture and using natural resources – after all, the state ranks as one of the top five with the most beef cows. A desirable piece of meat comes in many forms, but one cut reigns king and continues to dominate the barbecue industry across the state. Packed with flavor and tender to the touch, smoked brisket is a beautiful concept that

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Low & slow

They say that good things take time and patience is a virtue.  The art of smoking meats is a hobby, way of life, and adventure

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Beer and brisket

Many people love summertime for enjoying barbecue, especially brisket. There are many different components to brisket, from the burnt ends to the rich fatty point. When you consider all of

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Summer sippin’

The hazy, lazy days of summer are prime time for festivals, concerts in the park, and relaxing on the patio with a glass of summery goodness. Whether drinking wine on

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One barrel at a time

Garage sales can be gold mines full of amazing things. Whether one’s looking to get rid of unwanted items or hunting for their next hidden gem, it’s safe to say

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Elkhorn’s sweet spot

On a hot summer’s day in Elkhorn, there’s a business in town that has crowds literally lining up outside for its soft serve ice cream, fresh burgers, and hand cut

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The story behind Stories

People. Love. Coffee. Maybe it’s the flavor of a freshly brewed cup of Joe to kick-start the day. Perhaps it’s the aroma that fills the room or delicate conversations exchanged

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Self-taught and innovative

Rachel McGill, executive chef and co-owner of Dish Restaurant in Lincoln, NE, is not classically trained. Rather, she learned through time on the line, watching cooking competitions and online instructional

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Savor the experience

Finding breweries, taking in the taproom experience, and seeing the owners and brewers delight in what they have created is priceless. Site-1 Brewing opened in December 2020 in the Farnam

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Trolley to a good time

There’s something about being on a trolley that can take passengers back to another era when the pace was a little slower — a time before cell phones and emails.

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Malt Madness

Scotch Whisky is made only in Scotland, but in recent years American distilling trailblazers are giving the Scots a run for their money by creating exquisitely crafted spirits from local

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