Cruising for Brews

Summertime is an excellent time of the year for a road trip to visit a few Nebraska breweries. You can easily visit three breweries on a two-day trip with just a little planning. Western Nebraska has many attractions, such as Buffalo Bill Ranch in North Platte, Lake McConaughy near Ogallala, and Chimney Rock near Scottsbluff. In each of these towns, you will also find craft beer breweries. 

With a motto of “Come as strangers, leave as pals,” Pals Brewing Company in North Platte, Nebraska, welcomes travelers passing through on I-80 to their countryside brewery, which offers outdoor activities, including music. A wide selection of craft beer and premium in-house pizza makes this destination perfect for lunch or later in the day. 

Ever wondered what could be the next chapter for a community library? In Ogallala, Nebraska, it’s Second Chapter Brewing. The brewery design keeps the library theme alive right down to how a flight of beer is served (in a card catalog drawer). A tremendous amount of local and family history makes Second Chapter Brewing an intriguing stop. While enjoying a lager, stout, or craft seltzer, the stories about having a second chapter will entertain you.

Downtown Scottsbluff, Nebraska, is home to Flyover Brewing Co., which takes pride in using Nebraska-based products from the brewing system to ingredients such as malts and local sugar beets. The airplane theme is experienced throughout the taproom and even in their beer names, such as Hellcat Helles. The atmosphere inside welcomes you as groups taste new offerings, from Goses to traditional German beers.

Here are some recommendations, if available, when you visit:

Pals Brewing Company 

Midnight in the Daylight is a coffee stout with a blend of Kona and Sumatra coffee.

Second Chapter Brewing

Czeched Out is a smooth Czech dark lager with a light roastiness.

Flyover Brewing Co.

Hellcat Helles is a bright, smooth lager that many will enjoy on a warm summer day.


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