Redefining the customer experience

Beyond the cobbled streets of downtown Omaha lies V. Mertz: a refined restaurant tucked inside the Old Market Passageway. The family-owned business is recognized for its contemporary cuisine, intimate ambiance, and extensive wine selection. From white table linens to the soft glow of candle lights, guests are welcomed into the world of fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere built on elegance and personalized service. 

Fine dining establishments offer the opportunity for guests to indulge in luxurious cuisine with the highest standard of service. Embracing his knowledge of the food and beverage industry, Head Server and Sommelier David Eckler understands the importance of providing the highest level of hospitality to elevate the guest experience. “It’s a platform for us to showcase what’s on the menu and guide guests on the best thing to order,” Eckler said. Since 1999, the seasoned Chef de salle has leveraged his skills to deliver an experience that is tailored to guests’ needs. “We have to make each experience better than the last one. It’s not easy, but it’s unique and fun to provide that for guests. We want them to come back for more.” 

V. Mertz boasts an old-world appeal through its décor and intricate design, most notably the brick walls and racks of wine that encircle the inviting dining room. The underground architecture exudes European influences, which Eckler said attracted him to the restaurant. “It’s chic in time yet romantic,” he said. Before his career in the service industry, Eckler attained his culinary degree in France. After discovering the hospitality industry, Eckler said he knew he wanted to be a server and has always been drawn to fine dining. “It’s the feeling of serving something beautiful where everything is neat and clean,” he said. From the folding of napkins to the curvature of flatware, each detail serves a purpose in the V. Mertz experience. 

The restaurant attracts people from around the world and exhibits its own personality through carefully crafted courses and an ever-changing menu. Whereas signature dishes like the 8 oz. New York Strip remain mainstay menu items, Eckler said the rotation among other dishes allows the opportunity to astonish guests with something different each time. When comparing the food scene between France and the United States, Eckler said both countries are unique in their own ways with varying ingredients and techniques. “Here [V. Mertz], we try to do some recipes from Europe, but the flavor is different,” he said. “We always push ourselves to constantly adapt and bring in new ideas.” 

The team strives to deliver memorable experiences in a welcoming environment. At V. Mertz, there is no rush when it comes to relaxation and refinement—because the evening belongs to you.

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