Heavy Brewing: a bright spot for community


Imagine walking in the front door of a building and arriving at a vast space of colorful murals, tables, and chairs. People are conversing as they walk around the establishment. Kids are having fun in the arcade and playing various board games and bags. It might be hard to believe that this community space is a brewery, but it’s true.

Heavy Brewing was founded by Jeff Gude and Randy Fredericks, Jr., who believed that Gretna was a prime area for such an establishment. The two gentlemen searched for a warehouse space that could accommodate their vision and found a 10,000 sq. ft. building at 20333 Patton Street in Gretna. The buildout occurred in 2021, and Heavy Brewing officially opened on November 9 that same year.

Gude said, “Our goal was to have a brewery that would also serve food. The space was designed to be a family-friendly gathering place for the community.” Audra Gude, Jeff’s wife and kitchen manager, added, “The seating in the brewery is arranged in different configurations that include tables that can hold up to 12 individuals. We want this space to be an inviting social experience where you can sit and meet new people.”

Heavy Brewing covers a broad spectrum of craft beer, including hazy IPAs, sessionable ales, and stouts. Fredericks stated, “We have spent a tremendous amount of time ensuring we have a good product to offer. Jeff and I are constantly making small tweaks to have the flavorful beers people are looking for.” The two have developed several new beers for patrons to try this spring and summer.

What food goes great with beer? Many might say pizza. Heavy Brewing wanted to serve made-from-scratch pizza, including the dough. The dough takes 72 hours to prepare for the specialty Neo-Neapolitan pizzas that come out of the big red oven at Heavy Brewing. Like the beer, only high-quality ingredients are used in the pizza.

Heavy Brewing plans to use its outdoor space for seating and events, and the owners said they have many fun ideas in the works for all to enjoy. 

Even on a cloudy day, it is always bright at Heavy Brewing. 


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