A luxury approach to outdoor dining

As the cold temperatures of winter begin to fade away, Nebraskans slowly welcome the early blooms of spring. Warmer weather offers more opportunities to spend time outdoors before the height of summer. To elevate these instances, Omaha Pop-Up Picnics offers a luxury approach to outdoor dining and brings the experience to you—so you can enjoy the moment. 

From finger foods to scenic surroundings, there are many factors that play into hosting a classic picnic. No matter the occasion, these outdoor excursions provide an excuse to bask in warmer weather and dine alongside nature. Picnic prep typically involves finding a location, exploring various food options, and packing all the essentials—like a blanket and cooler. The setup alone can entail plenty of work, which is why the business handles all arrangements so attendees can simply show up and enjoy without worry. 

Honing in on their love for decorating, co-owners Wendy Huynh and Alyson Taylor said most people wouldn’t go to the lengths to host a Pinterest-worthy picnic like they do. “That’s where we come in,” Taylor said. From start to finish, the two offer what they call a “luxury picnic experience” without the hassle. Whether it’s a date night, holiday picnic, or girls’ night out, Huynh said their services go “beyond a basic picnic” to ensure that no matter what the occasion may be, the experience is always memorable and effortless. 

Despite its name, Omaha Pop-Up Picnics extends past an outdoor dining experience—proposals, baby showers, and bachelorette parties also contribute to the company’s portfolio. To ensure each event is most memorable, Huynh and Taylor customize each occasion with everything from fresh flower petals for proposals to festive décor for holiday parties. The co-owners said this allows them to set the scene and fit the vibe for whichever event takes place. 

Rather than having people approach these experiences blindly, Omaha Pop-Up Picnics applies a pick-and-choose process that allows for convenient ease of booking from start to finish. Picnic-goers select a package, choose desired add-ons (if applicable), and pick a location and refreshments. From there, Huynh and Taylor handle the rest. “We take down a lot of noise that could typically be put in setup so it [the picnic] can have that minimalistic feel that people enjoy,” Huynh said. 

Whereas warmer weather may increase bookings during the springtime, colder temperatures don’t stand in the company’s way. Incorporating spooky refreshments for Halloween and speciality décor for holiday parties help the business to host celebratory events year-round. The fall and winter seasons also open opportunities for in-home picnics and parties, decked with everything from aesthetic balloon arches to grazing tables for any occasion. Huynh and Taylor said this allows them to deliver an intimate experience despite being indoors. 

Taking a luxury approach to classic picnic foods, Omaha Pop-Up Picnics trades sandwiches and potato salad for customized charcuterie and sparkling beverages to elevate its picnic scene. Staple items like salami, brie, and various nuts make up the boards, but Huynh said the time of year factors into what’s included as food items. Whereas fresh berries are often used in the summertime, Huynh mentioned that crisp fall weather calls for caramel, apple slices, and grapefruit—all items she said play into an “autumn” color scheme for décor. 

Recently, the business expanded into its first venue in Benson, Sundee Event Venue, to allow for larger parties inside a brick-and-mortar location. From west Omaha’s Zorinsky Lake to Lake Manawa in western Iowa, Omaha Pop-Up Picnics goes beyond the blanket to bring a refined approach to outdoor experiences—no matter the occasion. To book a picnic or inquire about gift cards, visit

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