Blending two crafts

The community of Syracuse in southeast Nebraska is very much like other towns its size. With a population of roughly 2,000 people, there is farmland, a hospital, and small businesses.


Over the past couple of years, the building that was once occupied by Town & Country Pharmacy on Fifth Street has transformed into a popular gathering place with unique art and craft beer. Owners Ben and Katy Biehl of Roc Hopper Brewing Co. spent two years renovating the building. Formerly an 1880s opera house, this building has a rustic charm that the Biehls wanted to maintain, while also enhancing the space with a modern look of contrasting black and white colors.

The atmosphere grabs guests as they walk into the taproom and see the walls covered in artwork with paintings of rock music icons. The bar has an elegant white top that is front and center. Ben Biehl said, “We wanted people to feel welcomed as they walk in, and our staff does a wonderful job of greeting everyone.”

Seeing the Biehls take their hobbies and turn them into a business has been fun for the community to witness. Katy expresses her creativity through painting, while Ben enjoys crafting innovative beers. Over the fall and winter months, visitors can expect to see tempting brews like the ones listed below.

· The Beet Go Zahn Gose is a salty sour made with beet puree and coriander. The bright red color stands out in this unique 4.8% ABV beer.

· Mint Chocolate Stout is a sweet milk stout made with oats for that soft mouth feel that wraps in the chocolate and mint notes. This 6% ABV stout finishes with roastiness that balances this beer nicely.

· Honu Turtle Porter lives up to its name with chocolate, caramel, and pecan notes. This 6.9% ABV beer is a nice warmer on a cold winter’s day.

· Polar Bear White Coffee Stout blends a snickerdoodle coffee and Mexican vanilla beans in a blonde ale that is reminiscent of the roastiness of a dark stout. Take the plunge on this 6.6% ABV beer.

This winter, stimulate your senses by making a trip to Roc Hopper Brewing Co.


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