Viva Las Vegas in Grand Island

Friends and restaurateurs Brent Lindner and Brian Paustian were fascinated with Las Vegas in the 50s and mid-60s. Lindner said it was a time when the mob was involved, men and women dressed up to go out, and there was a hint of danger. In November 2010, Lindner and Paustian combined their love of Vegas and gourmet burgers to establish their own burger joint, Sin City Grill, in Grand Island. Lindner called their story the “Quest of Two Boys and a Burger.”

The bar at Sin City is made of slot machines and roulette wheels. Vintage menus from Vegas purchased from private collectors are displayed throughout. The walls have pictures of the Flamingo and other well-known casinos. All of the food served is Vegas-themed.

Lindner said, “Sin City is a good joint. It’s not a fancy place. It’s good grub and it’s fun. We have 60 toppings and let people have fun with coming up with their burger. The premise is to have the best food we can buy because at the end of the day, if people don’t like your food they will not come back.”

The burgers are made with a custom grind of ground beef then cooked on a flat grill, so the burgers cook in the fat and stay flavorful. The Texas Hold ‘Em is served on Texas toast with onion rings, barbeque sauce, and cheddar cheese. Other menu favorites are the Lounge Lizard, The Sammy, and the Ol’ Blue Eyes. The burgers are all paired with handmade fries or handmade chips. Guests can sip on a classic cocktail like the Harvey Wallbanger, Singapore Sling, Grasshopper, or Pink Squirrel.

Breakfast is served on Saturday and Sunday, which includes Eggs Benedict, Captain Crunch French toast, hand-breaded chicken fried steak, and handmade biscuits, paired with Bloody Marys with infused jalapeño vodka or mimosas. Lindner and Paustian also own Wave Pizza Co., The Glass Bar, and J. Alfred Prufrock’s, all located in Grand Island. While there’s no need to dress up to eat at Sin City, a lot of charm can be found from the swinging era of the Rat Pack.

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