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When people think of Lincoln, Nebraska, the roar of Husker football fans may dominate the mind. Perhaps the capital city holds a special place in hearts, with a history and culture incomparable to others. As the second largest city in the state, it’s safe to say this metro has a handful of staple attractions. But, where do Lincolnites go for a taste of upscale dining without having to leave town?

Look no further than Casa Bovina: a refined take on dining introducing guests to premier cuisine, Italian-inspired wine and an unforgettable culinary adventure Lincoln hasn’t seen before. Established right above The Mercato – its retail and butcher shop – the Italian steakhouse presents an unmatched atmosphere aimed to inspire, educate, and surpass any eating experience. 

In September 2020, Beverage Director Bennet Riley and Manager Jordan Reed recognized it was time for something new to come to town. Before Riley came on board, Reed had already crafted a wine list for Casa Bovina’s beverage program. Derived from Certified Piedmontese Beef, its exquisite tasting menu appropriately pairs wines focused on the Piedmont region with signature Piedmontese dishes. “It’s fun because we’re in a wine region; the way we drink wine in this country is on its own, which is great,” Riley said. “Some people gravitate toward Napa, but Piedmont is great with food. Most people aren’t familiar with it and are surprised to see it on our tasting menu.” 

From the beginning, the thoughtfully curated list of wines offered by Casa Bovina has always been the focus for Riley and Reed. With a goal to exceed their own expectations and see how far they can take their wine program, the partnership with the restaurant’s parent company Certified Piedmontese proves powerful, as most of the restaurant’s wines are paired with its food. As the first tasting room in town, Casa Bovina has proved a warm welcome to the Lincoln culinary scene. 

Between an exceptional variety of wines and a unique location on Certified Piedmontese campus, the rustic restaurant is certainly a destination for a comfortable, unforgettable, and educational dining and wine tasting adventure. Right off the interstate on 84th and Havelock, Casa Bovina’s expertise leaves a lasting impression with every guest from start to finish.

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