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Finding breweries, taking in the taproom experience, and seeing the owners and brewers delight in what they have created is priceless. Site-1 Brewing opened in December 2020 in the Farnam Hill neighborhood around 25th and Farnam in Omaha. Owners Melanie Phelan, Mike Peter, and Ben Katt had the vision to start a brewery incubator for brewers who could use some help financially to get the business started.

Dave Link and Matt Huntley

Matt Huntley and Dave Link became the first brewers. Huntley and Link had previous professional brewing experience that was beneficial to launch Site-1. The duo hit the ground running, and 2021 was a busy year with close to 450 barrels of beer produced. 

When the two head brewers were asked what it was like to start a brewery, they responded, “It has been rewarding to see our recipes come to life and enjoyed in the taproom. Just as important is the support of the neighborhood, local businesses, and customers that make it a pleasure to be part of the community.”

They also talked about the collaborative theme still being an essential part of who they are. Brewing recipes with local homebrewer groups is something the brewers look forward to doing. Partnering with local hop growers, coffee shops, and others on using local ingredients has been a passion of theirs.

Site-1 has an extensive selection of styles of beer. Huntley and Link will tell guests that Lagers are one of their favorites to create. Site-1 has recently been accepted to participate in Savor in Washington, D.C. This American craft beer and food experience event takes place in June and showcases breweries across the nation, including names like Boulevard Brewing Co., COOP Ale Works, and many others. 

The two beers Site-1 will be taking are:

Leicht Speed Pilsner is a clean, crisp Lager with floral and light champagne-like grape notes.

Cerna Dira Dark Czech Lager is a light-bodied Lager with just a hint of roastiness. 

Site-1 will be expanding its operation by opening a second taproom in Elkhorn in the late spring. Patrons will now have two locations to savor the Site-1 Brewing experience of excellent craft beer and food.


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