Enchanting Spirits

In the heart of the Lincoln Haymarket, is the state capital’s only distillery: Sideshow Spirits. Sideshow Spirits has a whimsical, magical feel that will transport you to another time. 

The Sideshow name also has a double meaning because owners Cody Schmick, Barry Fox, Nate Bill and Dan Hodges also own Kinkaider Brewing Company in Broken Bow, Nebraska. When Schmick heard about the Green Flash Brewhouse and Taproom closing, they bought the equipment from the previous owner and got into the space December 26, 2019. The Sideshow Spirit cocktail bar opened in May 2020. 

Schmick said they based their atmosphere on traveling shows in the dust bowl era. “Welcome to the show” is the overall feel of the spot and the brand. Sideshow is an imaginary rendition of what they wanted bars to look like 100 years ago. 

James Reece, the Head Distiller, is an avid home brewer whose passion for the fermentation process has been carried down in his family through the generations. His grandfather is an immigrant from South Korea who ferments food and drinks as part of his everyday life. James studied environmental science at University of Nebraska Lincoln and his passion for chemistry and biology help in the formulation of the Sideshow Spirits.

Sideshow produces high quality spirits out of Nebraska ingredients. They use 100% Nebraska corn vodka and distill it using just the heart and not heads and tails. Their methods are more expensive because there is more waste, but the result is a higher quality spirit.

The signature cocktails are full-bodied and unique. The Step Right Up is made with Jalapeno Vodka. It features sweetness from the corn and spice at the end. You experience the sweet on the front of your tongue and then heat at the back of your throat. The NY Sour is whiskey, home-made sour mix, with red wine on top. The Roscofarian is a mix of rum, chocolate, flaming cinnamon, and pineapple. 

Stop in for the experience. Get a flight of bourbon. Or order a cocktail with “smoke and magic!”

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