A Great Escape

All it takes is a day in the country and you will understand the appeal of Lazy Horse Brewing and Winery. Just a few miles off the highway outside of Ohiowa, Nebraska, is one of the state’s most cherished breweries. You will arrive to a beautiful drive with flowing pastures, grapevines, and a tasting room with immense country charm.

Prior to opening in 2015, owners Jim and Julie Stutzman were ranchers. They decided to try something new by growing grapes on their land to sell to wineries. In a short period of time, they ventured into making their own wine.

The plans for winemaking were well underway when the couple added craft beer. The goal for the first year of brewing was just to produce enough to have in the tasting room. Jim produced 35 kegs of beer with the thought it would get him through the summer.  Within three weeks there were only 5 kegs left.

Within no time, people were finding their way out to the tasting room to enjoy both wine and craft beer. When asked what he enjoys most about running a brewery and winery, Jim replied, “It’s the people. We want them to enjoy the experience of being here as much as the beer, wine, and wood-fired pizza. I also have a great wife, Julie, who has built a staff second to none who will take care of you like family.”

Lazy Horse covers a wide spectrum of beer styles, including Lager, Kolsch, IPA, Porter, and Stout. This summer you can enjoy so many crisp refreshing beers like the County Line Lager and the Salted Caramel Blonde. Since they opened, more than 140 different beers have been created.

There is no better time to get out and enjoy a day in the country at Lazy Horse Brewing and Winery. You deserve an escape from all of life’s stresses to unwind with a great Nebraska craft beer.


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